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Paper Rose Enchanting Christmas Embossed Die Cuts 30989

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The Paper Rose Enchanting Christmas Embossed Die Cuts are crafted from 200gsm paper, ensuring quality and durability. This pack includes 4 A5 sheets of embossed pop-out die cuts, making it a breeze to release them from the backing sheet. To do so, simply use a craft knife to carefully cut the tabs, allowing the die cuts to be gently removed without any damage. These die cuts feature an array of ephemera designs, including Christmas trees, ornaments, snowmen, Santa Claus, lanterns, reindeer, gifts, snowflakes, lightbulbs, girls in winter clothes, and more holiday-themed elements. All of these charming designs are presented in enchanting light purples, adding a touch of festive magic to your crafting projects.

UPC: 749565526012