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Papertrey Ink Iconic Baby Clear Stamps 1506

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Introducing the Papertrey Ink Iconic Baby Clear Stamps! With this delightful stamp set, you can make every baby celebration truly iconic. These adorable and fun icons are designed to add a touch of charm to your projects, making it easy to decorate a wide range of items. While originally created for envelope decoration, we've discovered that these icons are versatile and can be used in various ways!

This set is perfect for adding a special touch to your cards, postcards, gift bags, gift tags, and more. Whether you choose to use one image or combine multiple icons, you'll enjoy the coordination and versatility this set offers. The possibilities for creativity are endless with Iconic Baby!

Here are the dimensions of the key elements included in this set, with the fractions converted to decimals and written in inches:

  • Address Envelope Lines:
    • Width: just over 2.875 Inches
    • Height: just over 1.125 Inches
  • Icons (sizes vary):
    • Largest Icon:
      • Width: just under 0.75 Inches
      • Height: just under 1.25 Inches
    • Smallest Icon:
      • Width: just under 0.375 Inches
      • Height: just under 0.375 Inches

Please note that the dimensions provided are approximate, and it's always recommended to refer to the actual measurements on the product packaging for precise details.

Embellish your projects with these adorable baby-themed icons and add a pop of excitement to your creations. The Papertrey Ink Iconic Baby Clear Stamps set is designed to inspire your creativity and make your baby-themed crafts truly memorable!


UPC: 682541907088