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PhotoPlay Pickleball 12 x 12 Collection Kit pbl4210


Introducing the PhotoPlay Pickleball 12 x 12 Collection Kit, designed specifically for enthusiasts of the fastest growing sport in the United States: Pickleball! Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, if you've caught the 'dink' bug, this collection is tailored just for you.

Inside this package, you'll find a delightful assortment of materials to bring your Pickleball-themed projects to life. The kit features eight sheets of high-quality 12 x 12 inch double-sided 65lb cardstock, providing a sturdy and versatile foundation for your creations. These sheets come in four vibrant designs, with two sheets of each design included, giving you ample options to explore.

To add an extra touch of creativity and convenience, the collection also includes a 12 x 12 inch cardstock sticker sheet. Packed with an array of Pickleball-inspired stickers, this sheet allows you to effortlessly embellish your crafts with sporty motifs and decorative elements.

The PhotoPlay Pickleball 12 x 12 Collection Kit is not only visually appealing but also crafted with the utmost quality. Each sheet of cardstock is acid-free and lignin-free, ensuring that your precious memories and creations will remain vibrant and long-lasting. Moreover, this collection proudly bears the 'Made in USA' label, reflecting its commitment to superior craftsmanship.

The colors included in this kit are as vibrant as the sport of Pickleball itself. With shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, you can infuse your projects with a lively and energetic atmosphere that captures the essence of this dynamic sport.

Whether you're creating scrapbook pages, cards, or other paper crafts, the PhotoPlay Pickleball 12 x 12 Collection Kit is the perfect companion for showcasing your passion for Pickleball. Let your imagination run wild as you dive into this comprehensive collection of materials and unleash your creativity on the court!

UPC: 709388342107