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Picket Fence Studios Interactive Sassy Naughty or Goodish Clear Stamps is-101


The Interactive Sassy Naughty or Goodish Clear Stamps by Picket Fence Studios are a witty addition to the Interactive Sassy Card Stamping collection. This compact 3 x 4-inch photopolymer stamp set includes a total of 5 pieces, making it perfect for creating playful and interactive cards. The set features 1 stamp sentiment for the outside of your card, which reads: "Open this card to discover which flavor of coal you have earned this year." Inside, you have the option to choose from four humorous messages: "No coal for you," "You’ve been goodish all year," "Black licorice flavor," and "You have been naughty all year." These stamps are sure to bring a smile and a touch of cheekiness to your card-making projects.

UPC: 602309352226