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Picket Fence Studios Momma's Thoughts Clear Stamps s-220


Picket Fence Studios Momma's Thoughts Clear Stamps, part of the Sentiments Collection, is a 3 x 4-inch clear stamp set that includes 10 thoughtful pieces. This set offers a variety of heartfelt sentiments:
    1    "The only things easier to talk to than you are my plants."
    2    "Thanks for the great memories."
    3    "You are on my vintage mind."
    4    "Sending you happy thoughts."
    5    "Thanks for watering my plants."
    6    "Good days gone by but not forgotten."
    7    "I am so grateful we got to grow up together."
    8    "Memories of our childhood home are on my mind."
    9    "Vintage vibes remind me of you."
    10    "One day we will look back and laugh at today’s problems."
These sentiments are perfect for expressing your feelings and adding a personal touch to your creative projects.

UPC: 602309353223