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Picket Fence Studios More Inappropriate Christmas Sentiments Clear Stamps c-162


The More Inappropriate Christmas Sentiments Clear Stamps by Picket Fence Studios are a humorous addition to the Christmas collection. This 4 x 6-inch photopolymer stamp set features 9 cheeky sentiments that are perfect for adding a touch of irreverent humor to your holiday projects.
The included sentiments include:
    •    When you stop and think about it, Santa is very judgmental.
    •    Those elves spend a lot of time driving hot chocolate.
    •    Forget the cookies and milk, just bring wine.
    •    Yes, happiness can be bought.
    •    Be sure to pour some holiday cheer this time of year.
    •    I didn’t make the naughty list this year, but you did.
    •    Our house might be merry and bright on Christmas, but it’s not for lights or Christmas decorations.
    •    I thought this was the year we would finally not get coal for Christmas. But Santa now has social media. We don’t have a snowball’s chance to make that nice list. Naughty list it is again. We might as well finish with a bang.
    •    Why does the elf get to be naughty, but we have to be good.
These stamps are perfect for those who appreciate a good dose of holiday humor in their festive creations.

UPC: 602309352196