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Picket Fence Studios Paper Glaze Luxe Holly Leaf Green pgl-115


The Paper Glaze Luxe Golden Ring by Picket Fence Studios is a luxurious mixed-media product designed to bring luster and brilliance to a wide range of surfaces, both porous and nonporous. This heavy-bodied artistic medium is enriched with mica and glitter, creating a unique texture that adds a layer of shimmer to your projects. Luxe can be applied directly to paper, used through stencils, or transferred from a gel press. It's crafted with artist-quality raw materials, including mica and glitter, ensuring that the glitter remains securely sealed without any flaking. It's recommended to use Luxe with cardstock that's 100 lb. or thicker. This fast-drying medium offers permanence, but the drying time may vary depending on your climate and the thickness of the application. To maintain your tools, surfaces, and stencils, it's advisable to clean them promptly after use. Store the product away from heat and direct sunlight, with the lid facing up. Each jar contains approximately 2 ounces of the Holly Leaf Green in a medium-green shade

UPC: 602309347956