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Picket Fence Studios THE STAMP SCRUBBER 2 PACK tt101

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  • Picket Fence Studios
  • $17.99

    Wet The Stamp Scrubber before use, it will expand when wet!

    Fits comfortably in your hand. Use to remove ink from stamps. The scrubber’s unique texture will clean even the most intricate stamp. Clean new red rubber or photopolymer stamps with The Stamp Scrubber to remove manufacturing residue and prime for stamping.

    Also ideal for cleaning stamp positioning tools and acrylic blocks. After use, simply rinse The Stamp Scrubber to remove ink, use mild soap or a stamp cleaner if needed and allow to air dry.

    Includes 2 scrubbers. Approximately 4 x 4 inches each when dry and 5 x 5 inches when wet.

    UPC: 745558011060