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Pink and Main Many Stripes Foilables Panels PMF106

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Introducing Pink and Main Many Stripes Foilables Panels, a fantastic way to craft stunning foiled designs effortlessly. This set features A2 sized Foilables, measuring 4 x 5.25 inches, and includes 8 sheets that are perfectly primed for foiling magic with CheerFoils and the Minc Machine.

Embrace the charm of 4 different striped patterns as you apply the foil to these panels, creating captivating works of art. These versatile foiling options allow you to add a touch of elegance and shine to your projects with ease. Let your creativity soar and transform your crafts with Pink and Main's Many Stripes Foilables Panels for a truly mesmerizing and dazzling result!

UPC: 662987950916