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PinkFresh Studio Garden Bouquet Ephemera 197723


Introducing the PinkFresh Studio Garden Bouquet Ephemera! This delightful pack of 46 cardstock die cuts is a must-have for all your crafting and creative projects. Each die cut is meticulously printed on premium cardstock, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Measuring approximately 4 x 7 inches, this compact pack is filled with an array of charming designs and sentiments that will add a touch of magic to any project. The versatile selection of die cuts features beautiful floral elements, intricate patterns, and whimsical accents, perfect for various themes and occasions.

One of the highlights of the Garden Bouquet Ephemera is the collection of sentiments included within the pack. Let your creativity shine with empowering phrases such as 'Time to make magic happen,' reminding you to embrace your inner creative spirit. Spread positivity and inspiration with sentiments like 'Sparkle every day,' encouraging you to find joy in the little things. Express your affection with heartfelt messages such as 'on my heart,' and dream big with the uplifting sentiment 'Dream big.'

In addition to these heartfelt expressions, you'll find sentiments that celebrate the beauty of everyday life, such as "Beauty in the ordinary" and "Enjoy today." Capture and cherish special moments with sentiments like "Happy" and "Moments," reminding you to savor the memories created along the way.

Among the sentiments, you'll also find a touch of enchantment with phrases like 'There is gold in your story,' encouraging you to embrace your unique journey, and 'Dream a little dream,' inspiring you to nurture your aspirations and pursue your goals.

With PinkFresh Studio's Garden Bouquet Ephemera, you have the perfect assortment of sentiments and designs to embellish scrapbooks, journals, handmade cards, and other paper crafts. Unleash your creativity and add a delightful touch to your projects with these high-quality die cuts.

UPC: 736952879714