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PinkFresh Studio Tourist Mode 6 x 6 Paper Pack 202223


Introducing the PinkFresh Studio Tourist Mode 6 x 6 Paper Pack, a delightful collection of 24 single-sided papers designed to ignite your wanderlust and inspire your creative projects. This compact and versatile paper pack offers a vibrant assortment of colors and captivating travel-themed patterns, making it an essential addition to any paper crafting enthusiast's collection.

Each sheet measures 6 x 6 inches, providing the perfect canvas for your cardmaking, scrapbooking, journaling, and other crafting endeavors. The papers are carefully curated to embody the spirit of exploration and adventure, featuring a stunning range of shades including radiant reds, warm oranges, sunny yellows, lush greens, and brilliant blues.

As you flip through the pack, you'll discover a myriad of charming designs that evoke the joys of travel, camping, and hiking. Immerse yourself in whimsical illustrations of suitcases, cameras, globes, airplanes, tents, compasses, mountains, and more. These delightful motifs will instantly transport you to far-off destinations and inspire stories of unforgettable journeys.

Whether you're documenting your own travel experiences, creating thoughtful gifts for fellow adventurers, or simply indulging in the joy of crafting, the PinkFresh Studio Tourist Mode 6 x 6 Paper Pack offers endless possibilities. Let your imagination soar as you mix and match these delightful papers to bring your creative visions to life.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail and printed on high-quality paper, these sheets are perfect for both beginners and seasoned crafters. The single-sided design allows for easy coordination and layering, providing maximum versatility and creative freedom.

Embark on a creative expedition with the PinkFresh Studio Tourist Mode 6 x 6 Paper Pack and let the vibrant colors and enchanting travel-themed patterns inspire your next artistic endeavor. Whether you're dreaming of future adventures or reminiscing about cherished memories, this paper pack is sure to bring joy and excitement to your crafting journey.

UPC: 736952880161