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Pretty Pink Posh Layered Citrus Stencils


Introducing the vibrant Pretty Pink Posh Layered Citrus Stencils! This set includes three layering stencils that allow you to create stunning citrus-themed designs for your craft projects.

To use these stencils, simply place the first layer stencil over your desired project area and secure it with washi tape or repositionable adhesive. Apply your choice of mediums, such as inks, embossing paste, sprays, or other creative tools, to add patterns and colors. Once the first layer is dry, repeat the process with the subsequent layer stencils to build up the intricate citrus design.

Each stencil in this set measures 6 x 6 inches, offering generous coverage and versatility for your creative endeavors. These stencils are proudly made in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and durability.

Unleash your imagination and explore various color combinations and techniques to achieve stunning layered citrus designs. Whether you're working on cards, scrapbooking, or other craft projects, these stencils will add a burst of freshness and bring your creations to life.

Let your creativity shine as you embrace the possibilities with the Pretty Pink Posh Layered Citrus Stencils. Elevate your projects and infuse them with the vibrant and zesty essence of citrus fruits!

UPC: ppp2408