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Pretty Pink Posh Layered Fall Wreath Stencils


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Craft a stunning round leaf wreath with the Pretty Pink Posh Layered Fall Wreath Stencils. This engaging layered stencil set consists of two layers – one for the inner leaf and the other for the leaf shapes, which combine to produce a detailed and intricate image.

To use these stencils effectively, simply place them over your project area and secure them in place with washi tape or repositionable adhesive. This allows for the addition of captivating patterns to your project using inks, embossing paste, sprays, or other creative mediums.

These stencils are proudly made in the USA and come in a convenient size of 6 x 6 inches. Each package includes two stencils, offering versatility and creativity in your crafting endeavors

UPC: pp2466