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Prima Marketing SOFT GEL IN MATTE 8.5 OZ. Art Basics 961428


Add that perfect finish to your artwork using this transparent Soft Matte Gel. Size: 8.5 fl. oz. (250 ml).
Texture: light, spreadable gel.  Dries clear and matte, also great to create a varnish effect.  Soft Matte Gel acts as a sealer and liquid glue.  Perfect for sealing fine glitters or Art Sugar from Art Ingredients to create an iridescent effect.  Will seal Art Extravagance Crackle Paste.  Application: Use a brush or stencil brush.  Decorate: Great as collage glue for paper elements, layering, and image transfer techniques.  Transferring: Print image with laser printer, take a photo copy, or choose a magazine print.  Place image print-side down on painted surface.  Smooth with hand.  Dry completely.  Spray with water, rub paper off with fingers taking care not to affect the image.  Dry again.  Seal with a layer of soft gel.  Layering effects:  soft gel resists non-permanent mediums (sprays, inks, etc.)  Create texture or pattern.  Seal with soft gel.  Add another layer on top with permanent ink, spray, or paint.  Dry between each step.

UPC: 655350961428