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Rainbow Splash Ink Pad Princess rsi2

  • Bright pink color.
  • Quick-drying, acid-free, and fade-resistant saturated dye Ink.
  • Durable foam pads.
  • Coordinates perfectly with Rainbow Splash Princess Cardstock (rsc2, sold separately).
  • Can be refilled with Rainbow Splash Princess Re-inker (rsr2, sold separately).

Elevate your crafting with Rainbow Splash Princess Ink—an essential addition to your creative toolkit. The raised surface of the ink pad accommodates stamps of any size, ensuring precise and efficient application. With convenient color labels on the side of each Rainbow Splash ink pad, finding the perfect shade is a breeze. 

The durable foam pad ensures optimal ink transfer for your projects, while the ink itself remains acid-free and fade-resistant for lasting results. Dive into a world of possibilities with Rainbow Splash Princess Ink, enhancing your designs with its impeccable quality and ease of use. 

UPC: rsi2