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Ranger Simon Hurley Deco Diamonds Stencil hus83375

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  • Ranger Simon Hurley
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    The Ranger Simon Hurley Deco Diamonds Layering Stencils are versatile stencils that are perfect for a wide range of crafting projects. These stencils are designed to be used with various materials, such as ink pads, Lunar Pastes, ink sprays, texture pastes, markers, pens and more! This means that you can use them to add unique and intricate designs to your paper crafts.

    The stencils are a part of the Simon Hurley create. product line, which is known for its playful designs and high-quality materials. You can use these stencils to create unique backgrounds, add dimension to your cards, and other paper craft projects.

    These stencils can be paired with other Simon Hurley create. products to design playful handmade cards. You can mix and match different patterns and designs to create a truly unique look for your cards.

    The stencil measures 6 x 6 inches, which is a great size for a variety of crafting projects. It's big enough to cover a significant area but not too large that it becomes unwieldy to work with. Overall, the Ranger Simon Hurley Deco Diamonds Layering Stencils are an excellent addition to any crafter's toolkit.

    UPC: 789541083375