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S1-127 Spellbinders Pierced Mini Labels Etched Dies


The Spellbinders Pierced Mini Labels Etched Dies is a delightful addition from Bibi's Snowflakes Collection, crafted by Bibi Cameron. This set comprises two thin metal cutting dies that create two distinct label designs. One label features a softly curved shape, while the other boasts pointed ends for a unique silhouette. Both labels are adorned with pierced dots along their edges, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your projects.

Bibi's Snowflakes Collection is a captivating assortment designed to celebrate the beauty and charm of the winter season. Bibi Cameron's exceptional and imaginative designs bring the intricate allure of snowflakes to life. The collection showcases a diverse range of motifs, including large-format designs, interactive features, stamps, stencils, and even a Glimmer Hot Foil Plate and Die Set. With such a variety of options available, crafters have the opportunity to explore numerous creative avenues and capture the enchantment of winter.

The Spellbinders Pierced Mini Labels Etched Dies can be seamlessly integrated into your crafting projects to add a touch of sophistication. Whether you're creating cards, scrapbook pages, or other decorative items, these label dies allow you to incorporate elegantly pierced details into your designs. The two label shapes, one with a curved design and the other with pointed ends, offer versatility and variety for your crafting endeavors.

Infuse your winter-themed projects with the exquisite essence of snowflakes by incorporating elements from Bibi's Snowflakes Collection, such as the "Spellbinders Pierced Mini Labels Etched Dies." With its careful attention to detail and sophisticated design, this collection is sure to elevate your crafting creations and evoke the magic of the winter season.

UPC: 813233037770