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s3-482 Spellbinders Dancin' Penguin Etched Dies


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The Dancin' Penguin Etched Dies are a delightful addition to the Dancin' Christmas Collection by Spellbinders. This set includes five thin metal cutting dies that allow you to assemble an adorable penguin with a charming skating motion – a perfect addition to your holiday crafting projects!

Here are the approximate sizes of the individual die pieces:

    Penguin Body Base: 1.70 x 1.65 in.
    Penguin Body Layer: 0.89 x 1.59 in.
    Beak: 0.17 x 0.31 in.
    Dancin' Legs: 1.11 x 1.22 in.
    Skates Layer (2 pcs): 0.39 x 0.32 in.
    Sweater: 0.94 x 1.40 in.
    Hat Base: 0.96 x 0.50 in.
    Hat Brim Layer: 0.87 x 0.45 in.
    Hat Pom Pom: 0.17 x 0.16 in.
    Sweater: 0.94 x 1.40 in; Star Wand: 0.35 x 0.72 in.

When assembled, the penguin measures approximately 2.25 x 2.00 inches and is sure to bring a smile to your holiday-themed paper crafting projects. Enjoy crafting with this adorable Dancin' Penguin!

UPC: 813233038258