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S4-1275 Spellbinders Super Stripes Background Etched Dies


The Spellbinders Super Stripes Background Etched Dies comprises a pair of thin metal cutting dies designed to create a playful striped background. When used together, these dies produce a grid of perfectly aligned diagonal lines, serving as an effortless base layer for various projects. Furthermore, the resulting grid can also be a stunning focal point on its own. By cutting the design in multiple colors, one can achieve a cheerful striped background, or alternatively, overlay the grid onto patterned paper for a completely different visual effect.

For a limited time only, Spellbinders is reintroducing some of their most beloved and enduring designs. These timeless classics are renowned for their versatility and enduring popularity.

The approximate sizes of the dies are as follows:

  • Outline: 3.75 x 5.00 inches
  • Insert: 3.65 x 4.90 inches
UPC: 811305039042