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S4-1297 Spellbinders Gnome Drive Holiday Etched Dies


Introducing the Spellbinders Gnome Drive Holiday Etched Dies from the Gnome Drive Collection. This set of 13 thin metal cutting dies has everything you need to create a delightful holiday-themed scene with a cute Gnome and his whimsical convertible car! The set includes the Gnome character, the car, and iconic Christmas shapes such as a Christmas tree, presents, bows, and more.

Create your own crafty Gnome-themed projects and drive around town with your favorite Gnome in style! These versatile dies can be used separately to create charming embellishments or combined with the other die sets in the Gnome Drive Collection to complete your seasonal themes.

Approximate Size of Dies: Finished Gnome Drive: 4.25 x 6.08 in. Gnome Body: 1.43 x 1.28 in. Gnome Beard: 0.87 x 1.07 in. Gnome Hat: 1.28 x 1.38 in. Gnome Hat Insert: 0.94 x 1.16 in. Gnome Hat Pom Pom: 0.27 x 0.27 in. Shoe (2 pcs): 0.40 x 0.21 in. Mitten (2 pcs): 0.24 x 0.23 in. Tree: 1.31 x 2.07 in. Star: 0.43 x 0.45 in. Gift Box Base: 0.62 x 0.80 in. Gift Box Lid Layer: 0.20 x 0.80 in. 2 Loop Bow: 0.93 x 0.45 in. Bow with Tails Layer: 0.49 x 0.63 in. Car: 1.72 x 2.19 in. Radiator Grill Base: 0.53 x 1.25 in. Radiator Grill Insert: 0.53 x 1.25 in. Steering Wheel: 0.36 x 0.57 in. Headlight Rim (2 pcs): 0.43 x 0.55 in. Headlight Insert (2 pcs): 0.43 x 0.31 in. Bumper: 1.95 x 0.25 in. Undercarriage with Tires: 2.00 x 0.47 in. Side Mirror (2 pcs): 0.31 x 0.24 in.

Have fun crafting and adding a touch of holiday magic to your projects with the Gnome Drive Holiday Etched Dies!



UPC: 813233037169