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S4-1309 Spellbinders Dancin' Day of the Dead Girl Etched Dies


The Dancin' Day of the Dead Girl Etched Dies represent a significant addition within the Spellbinders Dancin' Halloween Collection. Comprising a collection of 11 thin metal cutting dies, this set offers the tools necessary to construct an endearing Day of the Dead Girl character. Once assembled, the design exudes charm and playfulness. The unique feature of the design is that the girl's dress can swing back and forth, adding an interactive and festive element to the creation.

The Dancin' Halloween Collection introduces a range of creative elements centered around the Halloween theme. The Dancin' Day of the Dead Girl Etched Dies play a pivotal role in this collection, enabling crafters to construct a delightful character that embodies the spirit of the Day of the Dead celebration.

Once assembled, the finished measurement of the Day of the Dead Girl is approximately 2.56 x 3.81 inches. The interactive nature of the design, with the swinging dress, adds an extra layer of engagement and enjoyment to the crafting experience. For those looking to expand the festive atmosphere, the collection offers additional options such as the S3-491 Dancin' Grim and S4-1308 Dancin' Day of the Dead Boy sets, which can all come together to create a lively party scene.

The Dancin' Day of the Dead Girl Etched Dies exemplify the playful and creative spirit of the Dancin' Halloween Collection, offering a unique opportunity to craft an adorable character that embodies the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Approximate Size:
Hair Base: 1.49 x 1.51 in.
Hair Bun: 0.76 x 0.63 in.
Skull: 1.38 x 1.42 in.
Lips: 0.30 x 0.15 in.
Arm (2 pcs): 0.69 x 0.52 in.
Dancin' Base: 1.26 x 0.94 in.
Top: 1.55 x 0.72 in.
Sash: 0.45 x 0.20 in.
Flower (3 pcs): 0.49 x 0.48 in.
Flower Center (3 pcs): 0.13 x 0.16 in.
Leaf (2 pcs): 0.55 x 0.29 in.
Shawl: 0.92 x 0.45 in.
Small Skirt Layer: 1.05 x 0.89 in.
Small Skirt Layer Ruffle: 0.68 x 0.86 in.
Large Skirt Layer: 1.15 x 1.39 in.
Large Skirt Layer Ruffle: 1.73 x 0.40 in.
Shoe (2 pcs): 0.46 x 0.36 in.
Maraca Base (2 pcs): 1.00 x 0.51 in.
Maraca Layer (2 pcs): 0.51 x 0.67 in.

UPC: 813233037107