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S5-577 Spellbinders Stitched Punctuation and Symbols Etched Dies*

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  • Spellbinders
  • $26.99

    Stitched Punctuation and Symbols Etched Dies are part of the Stitched Numbers Plus Collection. Set of 20 thin metal cutting dies is a wonderful addition to the Stitched Alphabet Collection. These punctuation and symbols are in serif font and includes its own outline shape. There are floral burst accents of dots and lines not only act as a guide for stitching with embroidery floss and needle but can used as is. Designer’s Tip: use two strands of a six-strand DMC Floss or DMC Diamant Metallic Thread and Size 22 Tapestry Needle (sold separately) are recommended.

    Approximate Size:
    At Symbol @ Outline: 2.38 x 2.44 in.
    @: 2.18 x 2.24 in.
    Hashtag/Number Symbol Outline: 2.45 x 2.18 in.
    Hashtag/Number Symbol: 2.25 x 1.98 in.
    Bracket Outline: 1.72 x 2.79 in.
    Bracket: 1.52 x 2.59 in.
    Period/Colon Outline (2 pcs): 0.79 x 0.70 in.
    Period/Colon (2 pcs): 0.56 x 0.56 in.
    Apostrophe/Quote Outline (2 pcs): 1.02 x 0.79 in.
    Apostrophe/Quote (2 pcs): 082 x 0.59 in.
    Question Mark Top Outline: 1.55 x 1.53 in.
    Question Mark Top: 1.35 x 1.33 in.
    Exclamation Point Top Outline: 0.82 x 1.53 in.
    Exclamation Point Top: 0.62 x 1.33 in.
    Question & Exclamation Point Bottom Outline: 0.73 x 0.76 in.
    Question & Exclamation Point Bottom: 0.53 x 0.56 in

    UPC: 813233034267