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s5-601 Spellbinders Halloween Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies


The Halloween Wreath Add-Ons Etched Dies, a delightful addition to the Beautiful Wreaths Collection by Suzanne Hue, are perfect for adding a spooky-cute touch to your wreath creations. This set comprises 20 slender metal cutting dies, featuring all things eerie and charming - from candy and ghosts to witch's hats, pumpkin buckets, bats, and more!

These dies are thoughtfully crafted to complement the S5-595 Build-A-Wreath Etched Dies, making it effortless to transform your wreath into a Halloween-themed masterpiece. Additionally, this versatile set can also be used independently to craft playful cards and scrapbook pages that capture the spirit of Halloween.

Approximate Size:
Jack 'o Lantern Bucket: 1.76 x 1.30 in.
Jack o' Lantern Bucket Handle: 1.33 x 0.98 in.
Hanging Bat: 0.42 x 0.87 in
Swooping Bat: 1.08 x 0.64 in.
Gliding Bat: 1.33 x 0.38 in.
Wings Down Bat: 0.68 x 1.08 in.
Long Wrapped Candy: 1.15 x 0.34 in.
Round Wrapped Candy: 1.13 x 0.53 in.
LolliPop Base: 0.61 x 0.61 in.
LolliPop Stick: 0.08 x 1.21 in.
Candy Corn Base: 0.53 x 0.82 in.
Candy Corn Layer: 0.53 x 0.82 in.
Ghost: 1.29 x 1.37 in.
Witch Hat Base: 2.58 x 2.07 in.
Witch Hat Band: 1.35 x 0.35 in.
Witch Hat Buckle: 0.42 x 0.34 in.
Bow Loops Layer: 0.70 x 1.76 in.
Bow Tails: 1.40 x 1.40 in.
Bow Knot: 0.30 x 0.29 in.
Happy Base: 1.86 x 0.96 in.
Happy Layer: 1.76 x 0.85 in.
Halloween Base: 2.64 x 0.75 in.
Halloween Layer: 2.54 x 0.65 in.

UPC: 813233037749