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Simon Says Stamp Ultra Smooth CRAFT GLUE STICK st0008

Designer Pick

Simon Says Stamp Ultra Smooth CRAFT GLUE STICK st0008 is a crafting adhesive product that comes in the form of a stick. It is a type of glue that can be used for various crafting projects, such as mixed media, Art journaling, scrapbooking, cardmaking, and other paper crafts.

The "Ultra Smooth" aspect of this glue stick refers to the texture of the glue when it is applied. It is designed to go on smoothly and evenly, without any clumps or bumps that could detract from the appearance of your project. This makes it easier to create clean, professional-looking results.

Craft glue sticks like this one are often preferred over liquid glue for paper crafts because they are less messy and easier to control. They are also generally faster-drying than liquid glues, which can be important when you are working on a project with multiple layers or pieces.

If you are using Simon Says Stamp Ultra Smooth CRAFT GLUE STICK st0008, it is recommended that you apply it in a thin layer to the back of your paper or other materials, then press them firmly into place. It is important to use enough glue to hold the materials securely, but not so much that it causes the paper to warp or buckle.

UPC: st0008