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Simon Says Stamps and Dies You Are My Universe set642yu Out Of This World


Discover a world of celestial wonders with the Simon Says Stamp You Are My Universe stamp and die set. This captivating layering set allows you to embark on a cosmic journey and create stunning, dimensional images of all the planets in our solar system. Complete with coordinating sentiments, this set is perfect for expressing heartfelt affection and love.

The 6 x 8 inch You Are My Universe stamp set lets you bring the beauty of the cosmos to your crafting projects. Each planet stamp is meticulously designed with multiple layers, allowing you to add depth and realism to your celestial creations. From the majestic swirls of Jupiter to the enchanting rings of Saturn, these stamps capture the awe-inspiring details of our cosmic neighbors.

Create a captivating universe of your own by layering the planet stamps using different ink colors. With each layer, your planets will come to life, revealing a mesmerizing combination of colors and textures. Let your creativity soar as you experiment with various color schemes to capture the unique essence of each planet.

Accompanying the stunning planet images, this set also includes a range of coordinating sentiments like:

  • You’re Out of This World
  • You Are My Universe
  • Reach for the Stars
  • I Believe in You
  • May the stars shine bright for you.
  • Love You Forever and Beyond
  • Thank You

These sentiments are perfect for expressing deep affection and capturing the celestial bond you share with someone special.

Crafted from high-quality, clear acrylic, these stamps offer ease of use and precise alignment. The transparent material allows for effortless positioning on your projects, ensuring accurate and crisp impressions. Combine these stamps with your favorite ink colors to create breathtaking celestial scenes that will leave a lasting impression.

To make your crafting even easier, the coordinating die set allows you to cut out each layered planet and sentiment, adding a touch of cosmic wonder to your projects. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each die effortlessly cuts out the intricate designs of the planets and sentiments, resulting in clean and precise cuts that truly shine.

Simply align the dies with the corresponding stamped planets and sentiments, run them through your die-cutting machine, and watch as they transform your creations into dimensional works of art. Customize your celestial designs by layering and arranging the die-cut elements, creating celestial scenes that resonate with the recipient's heart and soul.

Explore the vastness of the cosmos and celebrate the bond you share with the Simon Says Stamp You Are My Universe stamp and die set. Create celestial masterpieces that convey love, admiration, and the beauty of the universe. Let your projects become a testament to the infinite love and wonder that surrounds us.



UPC: set642yu