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Simple Stories Vintage Essentials Washi Tape 20428


Introducing the Simple Stories Vintage Essentials Washi Tape, a delightful package that includes five rolls of versatile decorative tape. With a combination of two 8 mm wide rolls and three 15 mm wide rolls, this set offers endless possibilities for adding charm to various crafts and projects.

Containing a generous total length of 75 feet, this washi tape is perfect for embellishing journals, planners, envelopes, and cards. Whether you're creating a unique border or framing a picture on a card or scrapbook page, this tape provides a convenient and stylish solution. It can even be used as a sticker to securely hold lightweight embellishments in place.

The Simple Stories Vintage Essentials Washi Tape opens up a world of creativity with its black and white color scheme. Its designs encompass a range of classic and nostalgic elements, including newsprint, flowers, butterflies, numbers, and advertisements. These captivating images and themes add a touch of vintage charm to any project, making it ideal for those who appreciate a retro aesthetic.

Unleash your imagination and explore the numerous creative uses of this washi tape. Whether you're adding a touch of elegance to a handwritten letter, personalizing a planner, or enhancing a scrapbook page, the Simple Stories Vintage Essentials Washi Tape is a must-have addition to any craft lover's collection. Experience the timeless appeal of this package, and let your creativity soar.

UPC: 810112383126