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Sizzix Effectz Craft Tool Set 665798


Perfect for getting the most out of Sizzix Effectz and taking mixed media crafting to the next level! This Multi-Tool set has a Dual-Ended Handle that allows you to use two attachments at a time for super-efficient crafting. Use the Trimmer to cleanly and easily cut larger Surfaces, the Craft Knife to trim, shape, or unpick die cuts and create unique paper edges using the Distress Tool. Only need to use one attachment? Use the end cap to craft a comfortable handle for your tool.
Includes the following
Short Palette Knife – perfect for picking up, mixing and applying pastes and paints
Long Palette Knife – ideal for mixing thicker pastes and creating splatter effects
Brayer Roller – gives even application of acrylic paints

UPC: 630454278191