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  • Sizzix
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    The dual-purpose Stencil and Stamp Tool makes both stenciling and stamping easier than ever before! It will ensure your layering stenciled and stamped elements are in perfect position and have perfect precision, every time!
    To use this Tool with the Sizzix collection of Layered Stencils, begin by placing your chosen stenciling surface on top of the Sticky Grid Sheet (this features a light adhesive) on the base of the tool to keep it in position. The lines on the grid make alignment of your Layered Stencils easy and effortless! Then attach the mint-colored Stencil Adapter to the desired position and securely attach your chosen Layered Stencil to the pegs on the adapter using the holes included. Next, simply apply your chosen medium. Once finished with your first Stencil, unclip and change it to the next corresponding one and continue building up the layers to reveal your amazing design.
    This unique tool also adapts into a Stamping Press giving you free rein to add corresponding sentiments and Layering Stamps to your makes! The clear Stamp Plate easily attaches to the hinge and provides perfect pressure and registration when stamping. Aside from the Sizzix Layered Stamps Collection, you can also pair this versatile tool with your favorite clear and cling Stamps. They easily adhere to the plate allowing you to position the stamp on your project before inking, ensuring your design goes exactly where you want it. You can even re-ink your stamp and be confident it will layer exactly on top of your first attempt.
    Tool is approximately 9.75 x 14.25 x 0.625 inches. Includes a clear Gridded Stamp Plate, Stencil Adapter and Sticky Grid Sheet, and a Foam Base for a non-slip even surface.

    UPC: 630454265979