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Sizzix Winter Scene Layered Stencils 666437

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Sizzix Winter Scene Layered Stencils, designed by Olivia Rose, offer a delightful way to create a wintery forest scene in your crafting projects. The set includes 4 stencils, each measuring approximately 6 x 6 inches, featuring different aspects of the winter landscape. These stencils showcase hills, winter trees with their shadows, snowfall, and footprints in the snow, enabling you to add depth and realism to your winter-themed crafts. For precise positioning and impeccable precision when using layered stamps, pair these stencils with the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool 664896. This tool ensures that your stamps align perfectly, allowing you to create stunning and intricately layered winter scenes with ease. Sizzix is an Ellison brand, which is known for producing high-quality crafting tools and accessories.

UPC: 630454286097