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Spectrum Noir Essential Blends 24 Pack TriBlend Marker sn-tble-eble24

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  • Crafter's Companion
  • $119.99

    The TriBlend range is alcohol based and has been developed with an innovative 3-in-1 design for a smoother and more contemporary colouring experience. Whether you're a professional artist, student or total beginner in the colouring world, the TriBlend markers will help you to effortlessly bring your work to life.

    Inside each marker, there’s a perfect gradation of three colours across separate chambers, numbered from light to dark. This enables a controllable blend with beautiful shades that you’ll return to time and time again. Ink is delivered through the fine bullet nibs, allowing you to be as precise as possible without sacrificing the brilliant colour payoff of a traditional marker.

    -Apply the LIGHT colour over the whole area.
    -Use the DARK colour to indicate areas of shadow.
    -Use the MID colour to slightly over-colour the DARK colour and blend in.
    -Re-apply the LIGHT colour, this time slightly over-colouring the -MID colour for a smooth gradation.
    Although this is a 24 piece set, you'll have 72 colours to experiment with, thanks to the ingenious 3-in-1 system. You'll have plenty of freedom to switch seamlessly between colours and get creative with combining alternative shades!

    Colors included: Dark Red Blend, Coral Blend, Orange Blend, Light Yellow Blend, Citrus Blend, Dull Green Blend, Citrus Green Blend, Light Green Blend, Jade Green Blend, Green Turquoise Blend, Blue Turquoise Blend, Ice Blue Blend, True Blue Blend, Purple Blend, Hydrangea Blend, Lavender Blend, Bright Pink Blend, Pale Pink Blend, Tan Blend, Earth Brown Blend, Gold Brown Blend, Brown Grey Blend, Ice Grey Blend, Fair Skin Blend

    For ease of use, the three shade chambers can be disconnected to form three individual pens. Once you've finished colouring, you can simply reconnect them into a single marker, allowing you to store each one securely.


    UPC: 709650882683