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Stamp N Storage 6 x 6 MAGNET CARDS 749980

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  • Stamp N Storage
  • $28.99

    Steel dies aren't the easiest craft supplies to store and protect. They end up unorganized in your drawers or the pieces from your sets become misplaced. This is especially true for your large dies, which can also become bent or damaged. That's why the Stamp-n-Storage Magnet Cards were designed just for you!

    They are made from strong magnet material and laminated to sturdy chipboard. Each pack comes with 10 Magnet Cards. All Magnet Cards have a printed pattern on the back. The printed pattern is on paper which is adhered the chipboard backing. Includes 10, 6 x 6 inch magnet cards. The thickness of the Magnet Card (without a die) is approx. 0.0625 inches.

    UPC: 689466749960