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Stamperia Blue Land And Roseland 12x12 Fabric Sheets sbplt15

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  • Stamperia
  • $12.49

    The Stamperia Blue And Roseland 12x12 Fabric Sheets offer a versatile and artistic addition to your crafting supplies. This set includes four sheets of fabric, each measuring approximately 12x12 inches, and features a delightful blend of design elements. One sheet features a captivating collage design with elements like flowers, lace, writing, and flourishes in a serene blue color scheme. The set also includes two pink sheets, both with intricate collage designs that combine writing, flowers, and various textures. Additionally, there's a blue sheet featuring wooden slats, delicate flowers, and charming butterflies. These fabric sheets can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine, allowing you to add fabric elements to your creations seamlessly. Alternatively, craft glue can be used to adhere them to various surfaces, expanding your creative possibilities. Another advantage of these fabric sheets is their ease of care – they can be hand-washed in cold water, ensuring that your crafted projects remain beautiful and well-maintained.

    UPC: 5993110028819