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Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Coffee Soft Mold A5 k3pta5660


Stamperia Coffee And Chocolate Coffee Soft Mold A5, designed by Cristina Radovan, offers an elegant and harmonious design, merging elements from everyday life and cherished moments. This versatile soft mold is crafted to work seamlessly with a variety of crafting materials, including paste, glossy gel, soft clay, and more. Using it is simple—just fill the mold with your chosen medium and patiently wait for it to dry. Once set, the resulting shape can be effortlessly removed, revealing a detailed and delightful impression. When using Stamperia Sculpture Paste, the impression obtained will be flexible, allowing you to cut, tear, or manipulate it as desired. This soft mold is particularly suited for adding embellishments to your paper and mixed-media projects. It measures approximately 6 x 8.25 inches and boasts 18 captivating designs. Among the designs, you'll find bags of coffee beans labeled as Arabica, Excelso, and Delicious, as well as charming coffee plants, additional coffee beans, and the word "coffee." These design elements offer a rich palette for enhancing your creative projects with a touch of coffee-inspired elegance and charm.

UPC: 5993110031475