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Stamperia Create Happiness Oh La La Colored Wooden Shapes klsp138


The Oh Là Là Art Journaling Collection is designed by Vicky Papaioannou. There is no better destination than Paris for a journaling lover. Paris is not just a geographical place but a lifestyle, a state of mind, an emotion. Paris includes palaces with attics, delicious coffee shops, walks along the Seine, museums, fashion, the Eiffel Tower, memories, and desires. Paris is an idea that we carry within.
These colored wooden shapes serve as charming embellishments, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your artistic endeavors. Each set includes 22 intricately designed pieces, arranged on an approximately 8.25 x 5.75 inch wooden sheet. The sheet itself is 0.125 inches thick, providing durability and tactile quality.
Immerse yourself in the essence of Paris as you explore the assortment of wooden shapes in this collection. Discover delicate flowers, enchanting floral corners, graceful leaves, two 5-story French buildings, the captivating storefront of a Parisian patisserie, a vintage camera, a film negative, the iconic Eiffel Tower, and a young girl gracefully carrying flowers and French bread.
Embrace these wooden embellishments and allow them to bring a touch of Parisian charm to your journaling pages.

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