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Stamperia Create Happiness Oh La La Labels Clear Stamps wtk175


The Oh Là Là Art Journaling Collection is designed by Vicky Papaioannou. There is no better destination than Paris for a journaling lover. Paris is not just a geographical place but a lifestyle, a state of mind, an emotion. Paris includes palaces with attics, delicious coffee shops, walks along the Seine, museums, fashion, the Eiffel Tower, memories, and desires. Paris is an idea that we carry within.
The Oh La La Labels Clear Stamps set is 5.5x7 inches and features a collection of 13 beautifully designed stamps. These clear stamps are made of high-quality acrylic, ensuring precise and detailed impressions in your artistic projects.
Immerse yourself in the charming designs included in this set:
    •    French text: Authentic and elegant French script, adding a touch of Parisian charm to your creations.
    •    A cup of coffee: A delightful symbol of Parisian café culture and the art of indulgence.
    •    A croissant: A delicious pastry that embodies the taste of Parisian breakfasts.
    •    Macaroons: Delicate and colorful treats that capture the essence of French patisseries.
    •    5 labels of different locations in Paris: These labels represent iconic places in Paris, allowing you to showcase the charm of the city.
    •    Three labels that say "Smile," "Beautiful Day," and "Bonjour": These uplifting sentiments add a touch of positivity to your creations.
Infuse your journaling pages, mixed media projects, and more with the enchanting spirit of Paris. Let these stamps inspire your creativity as you capture the essence of Parisian allure and express your thoughts and emotions through elegant designs.

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