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Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaid A4 Soft Mold k3pta4566


Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaid A4 Soft Mold was designed by Antonis Tzanidakis and Farel Tailor. This collection shows the perspective of both the Mermaid in the deep sea and the sailor in relentless pursuit of this enchanting creature. A touch of Steampunk adds a magical twist to the overall concept. This MaxiMold can be used with various materials, including soft clay, resin, and more, to create detailed impressions of enchanting designs. Once the material is dry, the shapes can be easily removed from the mold. This mold is an ideal addition to embellishing paper and mixed media projects, featuring 9 nautical designs on an 8.25 x 11.75-inch mold. The designs include a half-horse half-fish, a mermaid, a triton with a seahorse, steampunk seashells, starfish, and a porthole with a ship in the window.

UPC: 5993110030300