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Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaid Scales A5 Soft Mold k3pta5657


Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaid Scales A5 Soft Mold was designed by Antonis Tzanidakis and Farel Tailor. This collection shows the perspective of both the Mermaid in the deep sea and the sailor in relentless pursuit of this enchanting creature. A touch of Steampunk adds a magical twist to the overall concept. This mold can be used with various materials, such as paste, glossy gel, soft clay, and more. It allows you to effortlessly create intricate impressions by filling it with your chosen medium and patiently waiting for it to dry. Once the material has dried, easily remove the resulting shape from the mold. When using Stamperia Sculpture Paste, the end result will be flexible, granting you the freedom to cut, tear, or manipulate the impression as desired. This flexibility enhances your creative possibilities, allowing you to customize your projects with ease. This mold, measuring approximately 6 x 8.25 inches, is adorned with textured mermaid scales, making it a fantastic addition to your paper and mixed media projects.

UPC: 5993110030331