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Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaids Ephemera dflct29


Stamperia Songs Of The Sea Mermaids Ephemera were designed by Antonis Tzanidakis and Farel Tailor. This collection showcases the perspective of both the Mermaid in the deep sea and the sailor in relentless pursuit of this enchanting creature. A touch of Steampunk adds a magical twist to the overall concept. The set comprises adhesive paper cutouts, perfect for journaling, card making, and scrapbooking. It includes 36 assorted pieces printed on 300grs cardstock and in approximately 5x7 inch packaging. Designs encompass mermaids, steampunk leaves, coral and shells, seahorses, fish, octopuses, pearls, jewels, and more.

UPC: 5993110030362