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Stamperia Voyages Fantastiques Mixed Patterns Stencil kstdq99

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  • Stamperia
  • $5.49

    Voyages Fantastiques invites you on a journey through space and time, offering an elegant and timeless steampunk classic experience. The Stamperia Voyages Fantastiques Mixed Patterns Stencil is approximately 7x7 inches in size and features a captivating collage of various patterns and elements. Within this stencil, you'll find a collage background composed of lines, gears and cogs, grids, a journey definition, and a selection of different street names. These intricate patterns and designs provide a versatile canvas for your crafting projects, allowing you to infuse a steampunk-inspired aesthetic into your creations with creativity and elegance. Whether you're working on mixed media art, journaling, or other crafting endeavors, this stencil adds a unique and captivating touch to your projects.

    UPC: 5993110032731