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  • $13.99

    Rae Missigman designed Color Swatch Grid 2022 as a spin-off to her 10 Color Gradient Stencil Set in response to many requests for a stencil which would accommodate 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

    Rae says 'My inspiration for the stencils was my audience and fellow creatives. They wanted this and it turns out I needed them as well. Working on a larger scale when swatching my palettes and projects has been an evolving process in the studio and I am enjoying having the larger format to create larger palettes in one go. I typically only swatch watercolor but these stencils are perfect for all mediums. In fact, it is fun to swatch even your non colorful mediums so that you can see how they appear on the substrate in their finished dry form. Mediums such as texture paste, gel medium, bead mediums, spackle and more. And of course swatching our favorite acrylic paints and inks has never been easier with this bigger pair of stencils.'

    UPC: 810002695995