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StencilGirl Sashiko Stitches Stencil ll1004


Introducing the StencilGirl Sashiko Stitches Stencil – a creation by the talented Lucie Duclos. This stencil offers a unique and creative way to infuse your artwork with the charm of hand-stitched details, all without the need for a needle and thread. Measuring a generous 9 x 12 inches, this stencil is designed to elevate your artistic projects.

Unlock your artistic potential with six distinct stitches provided by this stencil, each ready to connect and embellish various elements of your artwork, much like the stitches in a patchwork quilt. Embrace the rich tradition of Sashiko, originally used to reinforce and extend the life of valuable garments. With this stencil at your disposal, you can effortlessly incorporate the elegance of Sashiko stitching into your own creations, breathing new life into your art.

Elevate your artwork and explore the timeless beauty of Sashiko with the StencilGirl Sashiko Stitches Stencil – the perfect tool for adding a touch of tradition and craftsmanship to your creative endeavors.