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StencilGirl Vintage Camellia Stencil s974

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  • $6.99

    Introducing the StencilGirl Vintage Camellia Stencil, a stunning addition to Rae Missigman's Vintage Gardens set. Inspired by the intricate layers of ruffled petals, delicate stamens, and glossy leaves of the antebellum-age camellia flower, this 9 x 12-inch stencil captures the essence of botanical beauty. Use it with watercolors to create soft, ethereal florals, while the accompanying mask is perfect for adding peek-a-boo layers to your vintage garden designs. Whether you're using the Gelli Plate and mixed mediums for quick layering or experimenting with inks, these stencils and masks offer endless creative possibilities, resulting in beautifully fluid and unpredictable artwork. Explore the Vintage Camellia Stencil for your artistic endeavors.