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stn-071 Spellbinders Layered Sunflower Stencil

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  • Spellbinders
  • $12.99

    The Spellbinders Layered Sunflower Stencil is a valuable component of the Serenade of Autumn Collection. Crafted from durable Mylar stencil sheets, this stencil measures approximately 8.50 x 11.00 inches. It offers a creative way to construct beautiful sunflower blooms through layering. Each corner of the stencil is designed to help you create a stunning sunflower when inked in layers. Additionally, each section features a register mark to ensure precise alignment and help you stencil a perfect sunflower design.

    This Layered Sunflower Stencil provides a versatile and artistic tool for adding the charm of sunflowers to your crafting projects in the style of the Serenade of Autumn Collection.

    UPC: 813233038081