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stn-077 Spellbinders Coneflower Layered Stencil


The Spellbinders Coneflower Layered Stencil is crafted from durable mylar stencil material and consists of five stencil sheets. These stencils allow you to create a delightful and cheerful floral background motif for your crafting projects.

Here's how to use them effectively:

    Begin by stenciling the design using the numbered stencil sheets.
    Follow the designated numbers on each stencil sheet to create a colorful and layered pattern.

The approximate size of the Coneflower Layered Stencil is 4.50 x 6.00 inches, providing you with a versatile tool to add vibrant and intricate floral designs to your projects. These stencils enable you to achieve beautiful and visually appealing backgrounds for various crafting applications, from cardmaking to mixed-media art and more.

UPC: 813233039743