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STP-174 Stampendous FRANSFORMER BEES Clear Stamp


Stampendous FransFormer Fun Bees Clear Stamp Set is a set of 20 clear stamps. Buzz on over to create your style of bumble bees by FransForming their wings to different shapes to stamp on. No two bees will be alike so fun!

FransFormer Clear Stamp Sets are flexible like a rubber band when pressed into a desired design or position on an acrylic block. They are designed to maximize movement so you can create an infinite range of possibilities each time you stamp. Adjust images to make them longer for slimline or make them shorter or narrower for cards or tags.
This is a 4x6 inch clear stamp set.
Approximate Size:
Bee Body: 1.10 x 1.73 inches
Bug Legs: 0.86 x 0.41 inches
Bee Word 0.91 x 0.57 inches
Positive: 0.95 x 0.19 inches
Flowers; 1.30 x 0.05 inches
Ladybug: 1.05 x 1.59 inches
Grasshopper: 1.33 x 1.97 inches
Queen: 0.19 x 0.68 inches
Crown: 0.97 x 0.40 inches
Large Bug Body:0.82 x 1.86 inches
Small Bug Body: 0.61 x 1.88 inches
Large Wing: 1.08 x 1.88 inches
Small Wing: 0.56 x 1.14 inches
Left Wing: 0.30 x 0.65 inches
Right Wing: 0.30 x 0.65 inches
Crosshatch: 0.42 x 0.47 inches
The Reason Someone: 1.02 x 0.67 inches
Smiles Today: 0.80 x 0.42 inches
Spread: 1.58 x 0.18 inches
Kindness: 1.71 x 0.46 inches

UPC: 813233033826