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Studio Light Dream House Clear Stamps abm-si-stamp474


Art by Marlene Signature Collection. This 7.75 x 5.625-inch clear set includes 10 pieces that allow you to create vibrant and unique scenes. With funky architecture and an array of different buildings, this set offers endless possibilities for constructing your dream world. Whether you want to create a bustling cityscape, an urban street filled with apartments, or a serene rural street lined with charming houses, this set has you covered. The set also includes four additional towers, providing flexibility to add height and dimension to any scene you envision. These towers can be mixed and matched with the buildings to create a visually stunning landscape. In addition to the architectural elements, the set features words that capture the essence of creativity and aspiration. With stamps for "Dream," "House," and "Create," you can infuse your artwork with empowering messages and encourage others to pursue their dreams.

UPC: 8713943142820