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Studio Light Mindfulness Clear Stamps abm-si-stamp473


Art by Marlene Signature Collection. This 7.75 x 5.625-inch clear set includes 17 pieces. At the heart of the set is a charming main stamp depicting a girl enjoying a blissful bubble bath, inviting you to embrace moments of mindfulness and serenity. Complementing the main stamp, you'll find a variety of accoutrements that complete the bathing experience. A delicate chandelier adds an elegant touch to your artwork, while a cozy towel and stool provide comfort and relaxation. An armoire, mouse, and candles add decorative elements, creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility. To enhance the atmosphere, this set includes items like books, a glass, and a mug, encouraging you to indulge in a moment of leisure and self-reflection. A rubber Duckie adds a playful touch, reminding you to embrace a childlike sense of joy. A fish symbolizes the calming presence of nature, while soap and a bucket complete the essentials for a soothing bath experience.

UPC: 8713943142813