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Studio Light You've Got Mail Clear Stamps abm-si-stamp472


Art by Marlene Signature Collection. This 7.75 x 5.625-inch clear set includes 13 pieces. Designs include a lovely tree with gracefully extending limbs, evoking a sense of natural beauty. A branch adorned with delicate flowers adds a touch of elegance to your creations. Adding to the whimsical theme is a charming British mailbox, exuding a nostalgic flair. A lantern stamp brings a warm glow to your artwork, infusing it with a cozy atmosphere. Envelopes, a symbol of communication and connection, are also part of this set, allowing you to incorporate a sense of anticipation and correspondence into your designs. Additionally, a purse and lipstick stamp add a fashionable element to your creations, perfect for capturing the essence of style and sophistication.
Among the nature-inspired designs, you'll find twigs that can be used to accentuate the organic elements in your artwork. A delightful bird stamp brings a touch of liveliness and freedom, while a young girl with bunny ears wearing heart-shaped glasses, holding her beloved stuffed rabbit, captures the innocence and joy of childhood.

UPC: 8713943142806