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Sweet November Stamps Peppermint and Gingy Sequin Mixes sns-sq-wn-02


Add a dash of sweetness to your projects with Sweet November Stamps Peppermint and Gingy Sequin Mixes. This mix features a delightful blend of red, white, and brown sequins, complemented by SNS gingerbread and peppermint candy elements. Your cards will exude the warmth of gingerbread hugs and the sweetness of peppermint kisses.

Please note that it's advisable to store these sequin mixes away from direct sunlight for extended periods, as the character elements are crafted from photopolymer resin. Each packet contains approximately 1 tablespoon of sequins, individually crafted to ensure a unique combination in every package. Elevate your creations with this charming sequin mix.

UPC: 744553118521