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Spellbinders White Tool 'n One Replacement Brush Tips T-046

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  • Spellbinders
  • $7.99

    The Spellbinders White Tool 'n One Replacement Brush Tips are a convenient set of two brush tips designed to fit in the T-035 White Tool 'n One System. These replacement brushes serve the purpose of helping you clean out small paper bits from etched dies after die-cutting. They are an essential tool for maintaining the quality and performance of your dies.

    To use the replacement brush tips, simply insert them into your White Tool 'n One System. The fine bristles of the brushes effectively remove any leftover paper debris or remnants from intricate die cuts, ensuring that your dies are clean and ready for future use.

    It's always beneficial to have these replacement brush tips on hand as part of your basic tool kit. They are a practical accessory that will assist you in achieving clean and precise die-cutting results.

    UPC: 811305039523